StickWRLD Downloads

StickWRLD python source code is now available under the GNU General Public License. The python version works for protein and nucleic acid data as well as general categorical data, and includes a variety of demonstration files. We strongly recommend that you also download the StickWRLD Manual, which contains much useful information, including how to convert your own data sets to StickWRLD format. If you need to convert FASTA sequence alignments to StickWRLD format, you will also find the "" script quite handy.

Legacy versions of StickWRLD are also available for the stout-hearted, including Classic StickWRLD (for those of you who can still make a VRML Web Browser work) and Java StickWRLD (Extra Caffeinated Version), which requires Java 3D. For beginners, we strongly recommend the python version of StickWRLD.

Because of the numerous python libraries StickWRLD depends on, we have also created a Virtual Box Appliance running an Ubuntu Guest Operating System which already has StickWRLD configured and running. If you prefer this means of executing StickWRLD, scroll down...

If you are planning on using one of the legacy versions of StickWRLD, please feel free to download the accompanying Tutorial document as well.


For those of you who would prefer to sacrifice some performance for ease of installation, we have a Virtual Appliance (OVA) which you can download by clicking here. Double-clicking on the OVA will install it as a Virtual Machine in VirtualBox. You should also be sure to download the StickWRLD OVA Manual to assist in this process.

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